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This is my genealogy page.  It contains a brief history of the Merrill Family from Wherstead, England and different Merrill Family Lines. It also includes my mothers family line, the Mainland Family from The Orkney Islands, Scotland.

I have been very fortunate to receive a box of correspondences sent to General Lewis Merrill in the late 1880's. Some were from Gyles Merrill. I will be researching these letters. I have found lines that we not in "A Merrill Memorial"

Table of Contents

bulletMerrill Family
bullet Samuel Merrill's "A Merrill Memorial" Text
bullet Jack Merrill family Tree Maker Page
bulletMainland Family
bulletDescendents of Philip Mattoon
bulletDescendents of John Dickinson
bulletDescendents Of James Cole
bulletRoyal Connections
bulletResearch Pages & Other Genealogy Links
bulletNew - Index To My Data Base
bullet New - Letter To General Lewis Merrill


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